Thoughts on PVC

I was randomly searching for a caddy and came across a cool website with free PVC projects, including an awesome one for a laptop caddy made with PVC pipe! It got me to thinking about how versatile the humble PVC is and how I’ve used it for projects over the years.

The first time I remember using pvc for something other than it was intended, I was creating Hogwarts for my then eight year old daughter’s room. Not having room for an actual canopy bed, we created a faux canopy using fabric and, you guessed it, PVC! PVC is easy to cut, glue and paint, making it a versatile material to have handy for all sorts of projects.

She’s thirteen now, and still loves her Hogwarts room.

Elena's "canopy"
That was then…I can date photos of her room based on which posters are in those frames!

Fast-forward approximately five years later to last Halloween. My son wanted to be Roxas, from the Kingdom Hearts video game.

2007 - Roxas

While the costume was a blast to make, I had the most fun with the Keyblade (properly called the Kingdom Key). I’m clueless about most video games, Kingdom Hearts included. My Roxas wanna-be coached me on all the important aspects of the costume and I proceeded to recreate it to the best of my ability. Once again, PVC came to the rescue. The body of the keyblade is all PVC, with polymer clay and hardware additions. The entire shebang was spray painted to the appropriate colors.

2007 - keyblade

I can’t help but wonder what other cool things have been created with PVC…


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on PVC

  1. Pren

    love the canopy. i made one when i was in highschool that was a rectangle the size of the bed adn it was suspended from the ceiling with drapes on it and a regular twin bed under it :0) wish i had pix of that.


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