My Obsession: Paper Piecing

If you’ve found your way here, from one site or another, you might already know about my obsession.

Paper and tiny bits of fabric, what others might call scraps, are my palate. The subject? Anything at all, but especially magical, whimsical and fandom!

Paper piecing is where I feel most able to express my artistic needs. I design patterns incessantly, using only Photoshop and my own desire to draw. There’s nothing fancy going on between me and the software, it’s just us, getting things done. The patterns go straight from my printer to my stash, and then on to my sewing machine, which is where the real magic happens.

My favorite completed project to date is my Harry Potter quilt, My Magical Lens, completed in 2007.

Harry Potter Quilt

Many of the patterns I design are shared online, free of charge, but I hoard a fair few for myself and the book projects that I hope to someday publish. You can find my patterns, vidoes & a step-by-step How To guide under Paper Piecing.

I don’t fall in with the idea that quilting is for a specific demographic. Anyone can quilt if they want to! Don’t let age or experience stop you. Even the best quilters in the world started somewhere. One of the best parts about quilting in general is the community feeling. Quilters are amazing people, sharing, encouraging and making great suggestions.

Here are a few other places where you can find me online. Look for ofenjen!

  • hp_paperpiecing (LiveJournal)- My Harry Potter paper piecing community. I release one or two new patterns here every Wednesday. The patterns are tested by members, who then share photos and are entered to win a pack of fabric out of my own stash each month. It’s an amazing group!
  • paperpieced – (LiveJournal)open membership community just for paper piecers where anyone can post! Come ask questions, share photos and patterns and get to know other paper piecing enthusiasts.
  • Harry Potter Crafts – (Yahoo!)
  • Harry Potter Paper Piecing (flickr)- associated with hp_paperpiecing
  • Addicted to Paper Piecing (flickr)
  • Fandom Quilts (flickr)

If you’ve been waiting to quilt, thinking about quilting…toying with the idea, why not start now? Have a question? Ask, and then go for it!

Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “My Obsession: Paper Piecing

  1. Terri

    I made a Mimbulus Mimblitonia this morning… made some “mistooks” again… You’d think by my age that I could count…. anyway, I’ll put it up on my blog in a day or two. Love how it turned out!


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