Elena’s Knitted Potholder

Elena's Knitted Potholder

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One summer, about four years ago, my daughter asked to learn how to knit.

The only hitch in her plan is that I’m not a knitter, so I couldn’t teach her.   That, of course, was her main motivation for wanting to learn.   What better than her knowing a craft I’ve never mastered?

We found a class at a local yarn shop and she learned to knit in just a few hours.  She knitted all summer (she was 10 at the time) and has been knitting ever since.

I knew I was really starting to rub off on her when when one of the first things she did was to write her own pattern.   I just beamed with pride!  My daughter, designing!

I still haven’t learned to knit.  Knitting is her craft and gives her the pride of being able to do something that I can’t.   I find that I am completely okay with that.

I proudly present my daughter, Elena’s, first knitting pattern, unedited and in her own writing.

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elena's pattern

Elena knitting in 2006
Elena knitting in 2006

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9 thoughts on “Elena’s Knitted Potholder

  1. Nicole

    Congratulations, Elena on your first published pattern! I hope it’s the first of many more, and wish you many years of happy knitting.

  2. Laurie in Maine

    Not sure what size my biggest needles are but I plan to follow this new designers pattern ASAP!
    Ravelry link calls it a pHOTholder – is that a mom typo or a play on words 😉

  3. Astrid

    Just wanted to let you know that I just added the pictures of the potholder I made with this pattern on ravelry 🙂

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Hi! Her cast on was 12 stitches. We found wool felt on Amazon, but you can also use acrylic felt if you use wool yarn. Acrylic felt can be found at pretty much any craft store and sometimes in stores that have a craft department.

      1. Katie

        Thank you for your quick reply! I thought it said 12 stitches but just wanted to be sure. I appreciate your help.


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