Holiday Hat Variations

Gifty Crochet

Butler Bear modeling “Sweet Santa”

My original holiday hat, a simple shell pattern made to look like Candy Corn, is not only cute, but super easy to make.  With that in mind, I’ve pulled out yarn for making Christmas gifts and made a couple of simple variations to the pattern.  They’re just as easy as the original, and cute, too!

And, I’ve finally found a willing model, Butler Bear, for all of my hats, someone that is not concerned that his true identity is discovered for these rather risqué photos!

Candy Corn Hat Variations:

The Snowflake Hat

Gifty Crochet
The first variation is a change in color only. This hat was claimed by Gareth because I finished it the day before his birthday and he just assumed I made it for him!

Gifty Crochet
Gareth named this the “Snowflake Hat” because of the way the shells look on top of the hat.

Sweet Santa Hat

Gifty Crochet

The Sweet Santa hat is made by keeping the crown of the hat the same and in using a double crochet around the body of the hat and adding a touch of chenille yarn around the brim.

Printable Version (includes variations)

You’ll need:

  • small amount of red worsted yarn
  • white chenille yarn
  • J hook

Round 1: ch 4, 11 dc in fourth ch from hook.  Join with sl st at top of beg ch 3.  (12 dc)

Round 2: sl st to the sp between the next two dc , ch 3, dc in same sp (cluster).  (2 dc) in between each dc around. (12 clusters)

Round 3: sl st to the sp between the next cluster , ch 3, 2 dc in same sp.  (3 dc) in between each cluster around. (12 clusters)

Round 4:  sl st to the sp between the next cluster, ch 3, 3 dc in same sp, ch 1, (4 dc, ch1) in between each cluster around, sl st to join. (12 clusters)

Round 5 – 12:  ch 3, dc in each st around and in ch 1 sps.

Round 13:  Join chenille yarn in any st.  ch 1, sc in same st and in each st around.  Join with a sl st and finish off.

Squashy Hat & Scarf Set

Gifty Crochet
Purple hat and scarf set made using Red Heart Art Sano in Purple Mist.  It’s listed as a bulky, but it worked up just fine using the same hook size as the other hats made from this pattern.

The hat is made using the Sweet Santa pattern to Round 12. Round 13: ch 3, sl st in next st, around. Join with a sl st, finish off.

The scarf is three rows of DC with fringe ends.

Moody Brown

Gifty Crochet
Moody Brown hat made using Impeccable Worsted Yarn in Earth Ombre. This hat also follows the Sweet Santa pattern, but I added Front Post Double and Back Post Double stitches on row 7, 9 and 11. Row 13 is hdc.

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