The Christmas Pudding Adventure

Christmas Pudding

I made a Christmas Pudding…for real! The ever awesome Cat Magraith shared a family recipe with me and I’ve saved it up to try. We were too busy getting ready for a trip for me to be able to make this for Christmas, but I did make it for New Year’s. Yum!

Christmas Pudding

Now, I need to know…does it look right?! I have no idea… I’m a girl from Texas, we have pie and candy for Christmas, not pudding.

I will admit, I had to do some internet searching to figure out what boiling the pudding meant. I ended up cooking the pudding in a Pyrex bowl, sealed with parchment paper and aluminum foil, cooked in a double boiler using my dutch oven on the stove top. It was a very improvised rig, but it worked! I got the basic set up idea from this video, though it is not the same recipe.

So…white plates. I’ve had them tucked away for years and years. So, why, do you ask, are they out now?

Well, my sister’s friend’s house burned to the ground a few days after Christmas, so I’m using white plates.

Here’s how that happened… my sister called to see if I had any handmade dishcloths on hand that I could donate to the collection they’re putting together to help her friend get started again. She knows that I tend to have a little stash of them. When she explained the situation;  house burned to the ground, two kids, the pet dog didn’t make it out of the fire, of course I couldn’t just give dishcloths! SO, with the help of my friend Marge, I rounded up two Linus blankets to give the kids, bought some towels and washcloths, Elena donated some stuffed animals and we threw in a few other happy things.

I really want new dishes, and have been thinking about it for a while (just ask bff Jewells, I talked about it a silly amount over Christmas – yes my life is that exciting). We’d been using our not-Fiestaware dishes for about 7 or 8 years, and I’m ready for a change.

hardhatcat's chickpea curry recipe
Here’s an example photo, trying another of Cat’s recipes.

I loved those dishes, but they’re a little past their prime (though very, very usable!) and because I really enjoyed those dishes, so I briefly debated giving away the white ones, but then I thought…their house just burned down, seriously, why should I give them plain white dishes? These people need happy. So I gave them my colorful dishes. And now, we’re using white plates. I don’t mind really, because their need was certainly greater than mine…and I’ll save the white plates for when one of my kids needs them, which with a kid in high school, seems all too close.



4 thoughts on “The Christmas Pudding Adventure

  1. Sheila (aka Witchblade070502)

    Oh Jen it looks wonderful! But best of all – How did it taste?
    Christmas pudding is my favorite part of Christmas dinner at My husbands aunts house.
    We all turn out the lights and he covers it in Hot Brandy and lights it on fire and we oooh and aaaahh until the alcohol burns off! Then he makes a yummy butter rum sauce ands a sterling sauce – and it is devine! We love it so much they always make an extra for hubby and me and the kids to take home!
    Ours looks a bit darker but I think it is probably the same thing as dark or light fruitcakes and I know he cooks them in large soup tins in boiling water but I did not ask if it was in the stove or on top of the stove – I just know water is involved!! I have begged him to share the recipe with me as he has only sons and we need to pass on this tradition and his sons are not the baker he is (His Pies are Heavenly too) ! I think I have him almost worn down! I’ll let you know – but GREAT JOB on your first Christmas pudding!!!!

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Thanks, it was time consuming to keep an eye on, but fun to make and oh-so-worth it!

      Now I want to light one on fire…how fun! Maybe next year I’ll get more adventurous! We did very much enjoy our first Christmas pudding. We felt very sophisticated and Harry Potter, lol!


  2. Victoria

    Okay, so who cares how the pudding looked. How did it taste? what is the texture like? Does it leave a burnt milk taste with all the boiling?

    You’re a nice person to give up your happy dishes!

    1. ofenjen Post author

      It tasted divine! It was sweet and tender and kind of melted in our mouths…with little nuggets of fruit making it even nicer!

      I hope my happy dishes can add a little sunshine to my sister’s friend’s life. 🙂



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