Dear Great Pumpkin

1999 Pooh & Dorothy

Pardon me for a moment while I talk about something other than quilts.

Hey, it does happen!

Once upon a time, I got to make Halloween costumes that were sweet. Adorable, even.

1997 - Piglet
Elena as Piglet, the first costume I ever made. Made from a commercially available pattern.

1998 - Gareth's M&M Costume 1998

An M&M and a Purple Princess. Gareth hated his costume and I had a terrible camera! Both made from commercially available patterns.

1999 - Winnie the Pooh 1999 - Dorothy

Winnie-the-Pooh and Dorothy (with Toto).  Both made from commercially available patterns. The Dorothy dress holds the record for the garment with the most pieces that I have ever made.

2000 - Long John Silver 2000 - Chocolate Chip

Long John Silver and a Chocolate Chip. This kindergarten for Elena.  She was the only girl in her class not planning to be a princess. Princesses were SO three-years-old… Gareth wanted to be a chocolate chip, so I made a Hershey Kiss pattern in brown.

2001 Dalmatian and White Tiger

Dalmatian and White Tiger. Commercially available patterns. The tiger’s stripes were hand-drawn.

2002 - Merlin and Flynn from Tron

Our black cat, Merlin and Flynn (from TRON). This is really they stopped being costumes and started being characters. Elena put most of her costume together from items she already had. I made the rest. Gareth’s Flynn costume really stretched my costuming creativity. Lots of craft foam and fabric paint!

2003 - Cat Woman & Robin

Cat Woman and Robin…the only themed year we ever had! Elena discovers the joy of Halloween shopping at thrift stores. Gareth discovers the 1960s t.v. Batman and Robin.

2004 - Frodo and Werewolf

Frodo and Werewolf, 2004. Frodo was so much fun to make. I think I used four or five separate patterns to get the look. Elena made most of her own costume, I hoped with the accessories.

2005 - Batgirl 2005 - Peregrin Took, Knight of the City of Gondor

Batgirl and Peregrin Took, 2005. This is the year I started really getting away from patterns and creating my own designs, especially when it came to accessories. Some of Pippin is recycled from Frodo.

2006 - Anakin Skywalker 2006 - Rogue

Anakin Skywalker and Rogue (X-Men). They’re not sad, they’re in character! 2006. Anakin was a load of tea-dyed muslin, plus a much altered bicycle helmet. Rogue was made using black pleather and a scuba suit pattern, plus a corset I designed.

2007 - Sphinx & Roxas

Sphynx and Roxas, 2007. The Sphynx is very sad because she had homework that night. Sphynx pattern was hand drawn for me by a dear friend of mine. That Keyblade? One of my favorite props ever! All of Roxas’ clothes were reconstructed from thrift store finds.

Ryoga from Ranma 1/2, Halloween 2008 InuYasha, Halloween 2008

Ryoga and InuYasha, 2008. Both costumes designed by me, a combo of reconned and from scratch garments and props. Tetsusaiga a purchased prop.

InuYasha & Ryoga, Halloween 2008
Yeah, my kids are definitely into cosplay…

Halloween 2009

Kagome and Bakura with friend Harry Potter (visiting from Australia!) 2009. Both costumes a combination of reconstructed garments and original pieces.

Halloween 2010

Agent Washington and The 10th Doctor, 2010. I will Never. Make. Armor. Again. That costume took about 100 sticks of hot melt glue. I wish I was joking…

And this year?

Gareth will be “Ghost” from Call of Duty. Isn’t he sweet?

Elena will be Miroku, her third character from InuYasha

Ghost is close to complete, made with a combination of thrifted and Army/Navy purchased pieces, as well as some accessories I made out of old camo pants. As of now, I just need to make the Union Jack patches (which you can’t see in this photo) that go on his sleeves.

For Miroku, I still have to make everything purple and the staff. The black kimono is done, as are the blue beads. Whew! We picked up brown flip-flops at Old Navy on clearance a couple of months ago. Gotta love the sale rack!

I didn’t go into too much detail about the individual patterns, but if you have any questions about any of them, let me know and I’ll do my best to go back into the Way Back Machine and answer!

Happy crafting,


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6 thoughts on “Dear Great Pumpkin

  1. Aalia

    Your kids have gone from cute to cool at lightspeed. What a treat to see the progression! (And, btw, Flynn from Tron more than makes up for all the Hobbittry) 😉

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Some days it feels like just yesterday I was braiding Elena’s hair into Dorothy’s pigtails, and some days it feels like a lifetime ago. It’s a weird thing, time! Heh, glad you liked the Flynn costume.

    1. ofenjen Post author

      It makes me very nostalgic to go back and see all the costumes over the years. I’m even a little in awe of all the pictures, and I was there!


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