Test Run

Eridan Ampora test run before Anime Overload

 I was going to save this for after Anime Overload on Saturday, but I just could not resist sharing!

We did a test run of Gareth’s Eridan Ampora costume and it came out perfectly. Really, it’s much better than I could have dreamed and he is SO very happy! I can’t wait to see him in character on Saturday among other Homestuck fans!


We didn’t glue the ears on (saving that for Saturday!), but they stayed on pretty well by themselves. Gareth did most of the makeup himself.


14 thoughts on “Test Run

  1. Carol Wilson Stearns

    Very handsome! Kids get into this stuff don’t they? My sons name is Gareth, born in England and named after Gareth Edwards who was a famous Rugby player. He was supposed to be a girl so it was a last minute choice.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      My whole family is a little bit geeky about this kind of thing, it’s something fun we do together!

      My Gareth is named after Sir Gareth, Knight of the Round Table. We’ve only met one other Gareth, and his dad is from England. It’s a quite unusual name in Texas!

  2. Judy

    My daughter really likes Anime I will have to show her the costume you made for your son. It looks great!

  3. edyB

    Outstanding! Excellent costume! I’ve been following along so I know how much work this took! Kudos for Super Mom!

  4. edyB

    PS ~ for those who haven’t been following ~ check out the EARS!
    Jennifer may need to take a close up pic of those little masterpieces!

  5. Alanna Hansen

    Oh you made the costume? Wow! It was really really awesome. I saw him there. uvu He was a brilliant Eridan!! Tell him the grimdark!rose says hi. :)) Also there’s a couple of pictures of him up on Tumblr, tagged under anime overload.


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