All Hallow’s

Halloween 2012

With all the crazy going on around here lately, I have completely neglected to share Halloween pictures! Here are my kiddos, facing off before heading out!

Halloween 2012

(L-R) Schrodinger’s Cat, The Doctor, Russian Captain, Eridan, Heir of Breath

Elena and Gareth are both teenagers and I got to see them for about five minutes before they took off with their friends for candy harvesting! Here they are with their group before heading out!

Halloween 2012Eridan and The Heir of Breath


I created Eridan with a large amount of help from Gareth last July. This is the costume he wore to Anime Overload (more here!), with some minor adjustments. He added more highlights to his makeup as well as painting his gills.

Elena’s costume, The Heir of Breath, while simpler to make, took me most of the month to create just because I’ve become so short on time since I went back to work. She helped with the stencil and by providing lots of reference photos, as well as being a very patient live model.

The Warhammer of Zillyhoo

Elena’s absolute favorite part of her costume was the Warhammer of Zillyhoo. It was created with a variety of materials including a large dowel rod, paint, craft foam, ribbon, fabric, upholstery foam, styrofoam, felt and oodles of glue!

Anyone want to volunteer to come clean my sewing room?

Heir of Breath planning

Some of my planning for The Heir of Breath. I borrowed greatly from this God Tier John Hood Tutorial. I took liberties with this based on my own knowledge of garment making, but I used the hood dimensions exactly and it worked out perfectly

Stencil for Heir of Breath tee

The Stencil before painting…

Heir of Breath Tee

And after!

Don’t forget to visit my Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour post for a chance to win a free copy of Vol. 6!

On a very personal note, I want to thank everyone that has emailed and commented about kitty Button, who passed away earlier this week. It’s been an emotional time for us, but we are all comforted knowing that she passed away peacefully. She will be forever in our hearts. Giant hugs to everyone for your love and support.


Featured Pattern Set: Holly Jolly, just $6 on Craftsy!

6 thoughts on “All Hallow’s

  1. Nancy

    Hi Jennifer,
    the prize package arrived today! I love the coasters, can’t wait to read the Quilt Sampler magazine, and will find something fun to do with the fun Halloween fabrics…next year!
    Great costumes by the way. I never can think of what to be for Halloween!
    Thanks so much!(aka kwilterPT)


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