The faire-est of them all.

@ Sherwood Forest Faire 2013

On Saturday, we went to Sherwood Forest Faire.

@ Sherwood Forest Faire 2013
We enjoyed the lovely warm day.

The fox and my offspring!
There were foxes and other fabulous beings to hang out with.

That one time that Elena met Peter S. Beagle...
There was a famous author to meet! It’s not every day you get to say “Your book is one of my all-time favorites!”

(Peter S. Beagle, signing a copy of The Last Unicorn for my darling daughter…)

@ Sherwood Forest Faire 2013
There were talented craftspersons of many varieties. We bought a pretty mug and enjoyed the heck out of watching this very talented glass blower.

@ Sherwood Forest Faire 2013

There might have been wizards…

@ Sherwood Forest Faire 2013
…and OWLS and other pretty birds courtesy of Sky Kings. This is Artemis.

Seriously, there was so very much more, but…no words! The artisans and craftspersons where just out of this world talented.

It was a lovely end to Spring Break and an awesome day with my family.

See you tomorrow for Talk to Me Tuesday!

…three days to a weekend getaway with my sewing friends…I might be counting down!

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3 thoughts on “The faire-est of them all.

  1. Terri

    I love the history faires. We went to Fort Frances (Thunder Bay, Manitoba, Canada) for our 10th wedding anniversary. I got to pull the bellows in the furriers building… he only spoke French. We ate stew and recently baked bread like the voyagers would have. It was a wonderful day. Thanks for the reminder.


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