The quilt photo thieves are back. In late 2018, online sellers began to pop up claiming to sell fandom and other quilts.

They are back. The image captured here comes up when you search for “harry potter bookcase quilt.”

These quilt photos are STOLEN from Fandom in Stitches Designers or community members. The quilt listed as a “selvage bookshelf quilt” is my own Project of Doom, designed and made by me. No doubt there are other fandoms and creators whose work has been stolen.

The first time this happened, we spent many hours sending emails and requesting these fake products be taken down. Almost none of them were. The Better Business Business Bureau got involved and those businesses were shut down.


Three years ago when this happened, I personally received angry messages from people who had spent money on what they thought were Harry Potter Bookcase quilts. They received NOTHING and thought that I was the one selling these quilts.

It saddens me that this has happened again. These companies are not in the U.S. and getting the websites taken down is almost impossible. What is NOT impossible is getting their ads blocked and alerting innocent people who think they are getting a bargain.

Please know that neither I nor Fandom in Stitches or its designers sell fandom quilts or quilt-related projects. We do not sell fandom patterns. We don’t sell photos of our work to use for reproduction. Our patterns are fan art created out of the love for our fandoms. All patterns shared on andominstitches.com are free for personal & non-profit use only.

If you see ads online for Fandom quilts or quilts you KNOW were made by a creator, please report them if at all possible.


Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links but I have no control over “sponsored posts” which are the price I pay for a less expensive website. Thank you for your understanding & support. ♥


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