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Big Linus Heart

Big Linus Heart Quilt via LinusConnection, free on Craftsy

There’s not a whole lot for a crafty sick girl like me to do besides hang out in bed with her laptop, drawing quilts.

In this case, the quilt was already drawn, it just needed a little bit of instruction added.

This Big Linus Heart quilt is free for you to download and make oodles of gloriously scrappy heart quilts for your favorite blanket charity!

Big Linus Heart Patchwork Quilt

Inspired by heart logo used by my own favorite blanket making charity, The Linus Connection, Big Linus Heart is the second variation of this patchy heart I’ve created.

The Linus Connection Heart via LinusConnection, free on Craftsy.

Do you sense a theme going on here? 😉

While the paper pieced version above is a mere 5″ finished, the patchwork quilt version makes a respectable 44″ x 49″ quilt, a great lap size quilt for a kid’s blanket!

So go, dig out your scraps and make a patchwork quilt for a charity (or kiddo) you love, with my compliments.

Stay well, and I’ll see you again when I’m back to my usual, bouncy self!



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Waiting for Rain, companion pattern for my STITCHED Workshop.

Just $4 on Craftsy!


Almost as Good as Being There!


Did you miss Quilt Con in February?

Where you there and are now suffering a terrible case of post-con blues?

Don’t despair!

Whether you’re in Austin, Albuquerque or Adelaide, you can enjoy awesome QuiltCon lectures for free courtesy of one of my absolutely favorite resources for all things creative … Craftsy!

This awesome FREE series includes topics on everything from free-motion quilting to fabric design.

How cool is that? No, really, I mean it…how cool is that?!

Did I mention it’s free?! FREE!

That’s right, you have zero, nothing, NADA to lose! Go, enjoy!

***click me, I’m free!***

@ QuiltCon, 2013
See the photos I took @ QuiltCon! This piece was one of my favorites at the show. 🙂

Were you at QuiltCon?

Five of my quilts were in the Babylock booth and I will give a free prize to every person that took a picture of one of them…just leave a link to your photo in comments and make sure to include your contact info!

Not sure which quilts were mine? How about a little hide and seek in my Craftsy shop! All five of the featured projects can be found there!


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Featured Pattern:

Featured Pattern: A Little Haunted, $8 on Craftsy

Quilts In Real Life!

The Austin Area Quilt Guild‘s Capital of Texas QuiltFest is this weekend!

September 14th – 16th, 2012
Palmer Events Center
900 Barton Springs
Austin, Texas

Friday, Sept. 14th 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday, Sept. 15th 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 16th 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Admission is $8. Click here for a printable $1 off coupon.

QuiltFest in the news.


Come by to see loads of great quilts, including the original Project of Doom quilt, designed, pieced and embroidered by me, quilted by Shannon Shaw!

The Project of Doom on display at Hennig House Quilts

The Project of Doom, on display at Hennig House Quilts, April 2012.

Click here for Project of Doom patterns!

Sir Gareth's Dragon

Sir Gareth’s Dragon, all quilted and spiffy, will be on display with the miniature quilts.

All Dolled Up

Also look for All Dolled Up, my doll dress quilt, made from reproduction 1930s fabrics.

I’ll be visiting the show tomorrow with my fabulous stitching friends! Expect a full report and probably a little stalking of the PoD. The voyeur in me is excited at the prospect of seeing others enjoy my favorite quilt! If you are there tomorrow and see me wandering around, please stop me and say hello!

If you are going to the Austin show, take a photo of yourself with one of my quilts and share your picture with my flickr group for the chance to win a fun prize! Winner announced Tuesday!

  Tabby Face Block Lotto

To celebrate the Tabby Face Block Lotto, use coupon code TABBY in my Etsy shop to receive 10% off your total order during the month of September!


Learn to paper piece with me now through December with my full-length video workshop available only through STITCHED. You get access to over 20 classes AND instructors and registration is now only $40! Click for details.

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A Favor for my Best Friend

Baby Oliver's Quilt

My best friend of close to two decades (holy cow!), had shoulder surgery last week.

Jewells was working on gifts and other obligations (including working full time!) right up to the wire, including making a quilt top for her brand new great-nephew, baby Oliver. I wanted to do something for her as a get well gift and I wracked my brain trying to think of something helpful. It ended up being kismet that she needed a quilt top finished and I needed something special for a get well gift. Long story short, I offered to finish the quilt, and after swearing to her that it would not be a burden to me (it most emphatically was not!!), Jewells sent me all her stuff for the quilt, and I finished it up this weekend.

My free-motion quilting on anything bigger than a wall hanging tends to be a meander or waves (I’m still learning!). This time, I thought meandering was the way to go.

Baby Oliver's Quilt

Basted and ready to go!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

Quilting, in progress! Look at those happy little monkeys!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

Quilting close up!

Fun fact…the border fabric on this quilt is the sashing/border fabric on my Project of Doom quilt!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

And more quilting…

Baby Oliver's Quilt

More quilting close-ups…’cause I can!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

The back!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

Quilting on the back.

Baby Oliver's Quilt

The awesome label that Jewells made (fabric markers over printed text).

See you tomorrow for Talk To Me Tuesday!


 Sewhooked 2012 Summer Challenge

STITCHED registration is now only $40! Click for details

Get 10% off your total purchase during June with code SUMMER2012. Offer valid here on Sewhooked and in my Etsy Shop.

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TTMT #162 – A Trunk Full

Thanks again to the girls at Honey Bee Quilt Store and all my visitors for making my first ever Trunk Show an awesome success!

Find all the quilts featured in this video in the Sewhooked Shop.

See the pictures from this video here.

If you’d like to order a signed (by me!) copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol. 5, please call Honey Bee Quilt Store at 512-257-1269.



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A Happy Mother’s Day

Me with Sarah from Houston

Yesterday was an exceedingly special day for me!

A Huge, HUGE thank you goes out to Honey Bee Quilt Store for hosting my first-ever Trunk Show. A very special thank you goes out to my friends that came by to help out and cheer me on, as well as the multitude of visitors that so kindly came by to share part of their day with me!

I can’t say enough good things about all the people I was lucky enough to get to visit with. In the photo above, you see me with blog reader Sarah (wearing an awesome Doctor Who tee!!), who came all the way from Houston! We had a lovely visit and it was wonderful to get to meet her face to face. Thanks for coming, Sarah!

If you came yesterday, THANK YOU. I was nervous and excited and it was a wonderful, wonderful day. Everyone I met was so kind about my work and it was lovely to get to share with so many new faces.

As a special thank you to my readers, helpers and yesterday’s visitors and for all the moms out there on this Mother’s Day, I offer you this sweet pair of free patterns.

5 Inch Chick Sitting Hen

Pecking Chick and Sitting Hen

both are 5″ paper pieced

Chick and Sitting Hen

Here they are together, with Sitting Hen increased to a 10″ block!

Both mother and baby can be found on my Free Pattern page or by clicking the links above.

Have a lovely day and thank you all for the gifts you have given me by being part of my life!



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