31 Days of Halloween – All Hallow’s Eve

We’re back again with another fun and free project for 31 Days of Halloween! Get ready to hold your breath, because we’re going way outside my comfort zone today! It’s… *gasp* APPLIQUE! That’s right, friends, today we’re turning our paper piecing brains towards applique. You see, many years ago, my hubby and I were on a […]

31 Days of Halloween – Mixed Spice & Pumpkin Cake

We’re doing something a little bit different today on 31 Days of Halloween!  Below, you’ll find a fun recipe and video from my dear friend and fellow TTMTer, Cat Magraith. The following Talk to Me Tuesday is a much-watch, with Cat’s young daughter Tara being the star of this Food Network worthy show! As you probably noticed […]

31 Days of Halloween – Easy Felt Bat Tutorial

It’s been a tutorial kind of week here on Sewhooked, so I thought we’d keep it up by revisiting another old favorite for 31 Days of Halloween! Bats are a fact of life here in Austin. Even though they aren’t just for Halloween around here, they are one of my family’s favorite way to decorate! For […]

31 Days of Halloween – TARDIS Treat Bag

We’re back again with 31 Days of Halloween! Today, we’re revisiting a tutorial I originally posted way back in 2010! Enjoy the TARDIS Treat Bag…it’s bigger on the inside for all that candy! You need: 9″ x 12″ acrylic felt sheets – 5 dark blue, 1 white and 1 glitter black scissors thread (I used navy […]

31 Days of Halloween – A Little Haunted

Welcome back to 31 Days of Halloween! First thing is first, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best girlfriend, Jewells! *throws confetti* Now, on to business! Each Friday in October, I’ll be featuring some of my Halloween-inspired patterns that are available for sale in my Craftsy shop. Free Halloween goodness returns tomorrow! A Little Haunted – now just $2.95 on […]

31 Days of Halloween – Tri-Wizard Tee Costume

Crack open the WAY BACK MACHINE for today’s 31 Days of Halloween! Today we have a fast, easy costuming option for the Harry Potter fans out there.   Originally created in 2006 for a Craftster Swap, I’m breaking this tutorial out today for anyone that might not have a costume in mind, or, like me, […]

31 Days of Halloween – Jack-O-Lantern Dishcloth Tutorial!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Talk to Me Tuesday, we continue with the fun of 31 Days of Halloween by sharing a new tutorial! Hot off the sewing machine, a festive, Jack-O-Lantern Dish Towel topper! You’ll need: Pumpkin Template Dish Towel of your choice small amount of batting small amount of orange fabric scrap of black fabric 2 […]

TTMT #339 – Purple Doom and 31 Days of Halloween Sneak Peek!

In this video: The Project of Doom 2015 (Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt free patterns) OR download the entire set of patterns via Craftsy Sarah’s Sewing Studio by Sarah Spence (long arm quilter) 31 Days of Halloween Give Me Candy The Linus Connection Smart Phone Quilt Along on Fandom in Stitches Talk to Me Tuesday Livejournal […]

31 Days of Halloween – Caramel Apple Bites

Here we are again and we’re one day closer to my favorite holiday as we continue on with  31 Days of Halloween! Today, I’m sharing a quick and easy caramel apple fix. Do you have five minutes? Then you can do this! What you’ll need: One Granny Smith or your favorite tart apple Caramel candies […]

31 Days of Halloween – Cauldron Pin Cushion

Happy Sunday! Today, we’re revisiting a tried and true favorite for our 31 Days of Halloween! While not new to Sewhooked, Cauldron Pin Cushions are one of my all time favorite super-easy crafty gift to make for Harry Potter & Halloween-loving friends who sew! You’ll need: Plastic Cauldron Party Favor (available during Halloween & St. Patrick’s […]