Recipe: Bon Bon; Bon Bon

O! Christmas Candy!  My house smells like chocolate…and peanut butter…and coconut…and sugar and and… Christmas! I grew up with my mom making Coconut Bon Bons (which we called Bon Bons) every Christmas.  My mom still makes them and it’s one of the candies I make that my friends start asking about in mid-November. Peanut Butter […]

Recipe: Autumn Apple Cookies

Sometimes, the best treats are the ones that you never planned to make. My kids have been under the weather and everyone has been feeling a little low. I wanted to make a treat to bring up the general household spirit, but a quick rummage through the kitchen (and the knowledge that tomorrow is my […]

TTMT #493 – Jinkies!

Happy Halloween, my friends! I will be going to Quilt Festival in Houston in November. We will be having a meetup, tentatively scheduled for 2 pm Friday in the food court. Invite going out on social media this week! 😀 I had a query about Halloween patterns designed by me. Links are below for some of […]

Free Pattern Friday – Metroid Charts

At last and as promised, the Metroid charts are here! Earlier this month, I finished the quilt above, dubbed “Quilt-Roid.”  See my Talk to Me Tuesday about it here. Below, I share the charts for Samus (the tough lady shown here in yellow) and the Metroid (the creepy little critter in the top right). Please […]