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First Day

August 24 First Day of School

It’s the First Day of School.  Allow me a moment to discuss the two things I’m most proud of making: these are my babies. Except, they’re not really babies anymore.

Elena is a beautiful, smart, creative and independent young woman. She plays the violin, knits, reads everything with words, writes prolifically, speaks multiple languages and is learning to drive.

Gareth is a self-proclaimed Geek and is a boy genius, with full dimple-age in both cheeks, creating his own animations and comics, playing the clarinet, reading books that I don’t understand and voluntarily discusses math and science at the ripe old age of 12.

Already, I see them becoming the adults that are in their futures, and it amazes me. Affectionate, thoughtful, creative, and yeah, geeky, but they come by that naturally and are proud of it.

They’re also the closest brother and sister I have ever known, and that blows my mind on a regular basis.

I’m one lucky mom.




Elena’s Knitted Potholder

Elena's Knitted Potholder

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Printable Pattern

One summer, about four years ago, my daughter asked to learn how to knit.

The only hitch in her plan is that I’m not a knitter, so I couldn’t teach her.   That, of course, was her main motivation for wanting to learn.   What better than her knowing a craft I’ve never mastered?

We found a class at a local yarn shop and she learned to knit in just a few hours.  She knitted all summer (she was 10 at the time) and has been knitting ever since.

I knew I was really starting to rub off on her when when one of the first things she did was to write her own pattern.   I just beamed with pride!  My daughter, designing!

I still haven’t learned to knit.  Knitting is her craft and gives her the pride of being able to do something that I can’t.   I find that I am completely okay with that.

I proudly present my daughter, Elena’s, first knitting pattern, unedited and in her own writing.

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elena's pattern

Elena knitting in 2006
Elena knitting in 2006

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