DIY Outside: Tire Swing

DIY Outside - Make a Tire Swing!

From the first moment we saw our house, the biggest selling point were the trees. Huge, full-grown Live Oaks and an Elm that shade the back and side yards. Having kids, my first though was tire swing! My kids were too small at the time and then it took me ages to find a tire. I finally found a local thrift store that sells old tires for $5 each. I picked the best tire in their stock and our tire swing was born at last!

Recycle an Old Tire…Into a Tire Swing!
You’ll need:

  • old tire
  • 3 large eye bolts with nuts
  • 6 large washers (big enough for the bolt to go through)
  • 4 Quick Links (rated for enough weight to hold the tire swing + kids)
  • 3 pieces of chain, approximately 3′ long (rated for enough weight for a tire swing + kids)
  • chain to attach tire swing to tree (*see note below)
  • chalk
  • drill with large (3/4″ – 1″) bit
  • safety glasses
Tire Swing, in progress

Mark three spots on the tire with chalk, equal distance apart. Wearing the safety goggles, drill holes in each spot.

On the opposite side of the tire, drill 3 or more holes. These are for drainage, so they don’t need to be as evenly spaced.

Tire Swing, in progress Tire Swing, in progress

Insert one eye bolt in each of the first three holes. Screw the nut in place.
Tire Swing, in progress

Add the Quick Link to one end of a 3′ piece of chain. Attach to the eye bolt. Repeat for each eye bolt.

Tire Swing, in progress
Gather the other three ends of the chains and attach to another Quick Link.

Tire Swing

Attach the quick link to a chain* hanging from the tree of your choice.

*Please note: The length and size of the chain will depend on the height of your tree. My swing is hanging from about 8′ of chain attached to the tree with a plastic coated heavy-duty chain and a Quick Link.


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