Recycled Craft: Leo’s Sock

My family and I spent last weekend in Alpine, Texas for the wedding of my husband’s youngest brother, Mark, to his lovely new bride, Allison. It was a genuinely wonderful weekend, with lots of food, family and happiness all around.

Leo's recycled sock

While visiting, I came across a recycled creation made by my father-in-law, Leo. He took an old wool sock that was in much need of darning, cut off the toe and hung it with a bit of wire hanger.  This previous-sock is now the home to plastic bags for even more recycling. The bags go in the top and come out the bottom.

I’ve, of course, seen similar commercial creations as well as make-from-scratch patterns, but I am very much drawn to repurposing and am now on the lookout for my own long sock that is in need of recycling so I can make one for myself!

Happy Crafting,

3 thoughts on “Recycled Craft: Leo’s Sock

  1. Ana Lopes

    Hi Jennifer,
    I was thinking of that the other day.
    What about taking your husbands old sock that has lost it’s mate and cut off the foot part of the sock and sew a few of them together “tube parts”
    that should make a long tube just like your inlaws sock. Even in diffrent colors. What do you think?

  2. Ana Lopes

    Yes, Kid’s socks are alot more nicer then adult socks.
    I seem to lose more of the kids socks then adult ones LOL.


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