Crafty Goodness for the Holidays

x-posted from my personal journal…these are stores that belong to my friends and my friends’ friends!

Please comment on this post if you’d like your online shop listed. Please remember that I want your shop. Referrals are great, but please have the person that owns the shop comment. This makes it easier for me to know who to contact if a question arises.

Thanks! and Happy Shopping!

Marissa Charlotte Creations
Sells: Embellished Envelopes, Upcycled Bulleting Boards
Price Range: $8 – $25 for current listings

Witch & Wizard Quilt Patterns by Cat Magraith
Sells: Original Paper Pieced Patterns
Price Range: $3 each

Caitirin Critters
Sells: Custom Ordered Crochet Critters
Price Range: Varies by order

Handcrafts & Original Designs by ofenjen
Recycled Yarn Caddy
Sells: Hand Crafted Odds & Ends as well as custom buttons
Price Range: $1.50+

kristen paulsen photography
Sells: photographs, prints, calendars, mugs, mousepads, cards, etc
Price range: $5-$50

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