Announcement: Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery

It’s Guest Blogger Month on Quilting Gallery.  Yours truly is today’s Guest Blogger!

I had a great time writing up the post and collecting quilty photos and would like thank Michele from Quilting Gallery for including me in such an awesome project.

There’s a prize from me for the first five commenters, so be sure and have a look.

Don’t forget about the Friends of sewhooked challenge!

2 thoughts on “Announcement: Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery

  1. Laurie in Maine

    I enjoyed your guest blog entry very much! I learned to sew on my grandmother’s old Kenmore – crazy quilt style piecing from her scrap box. She had one of those new fangled black rotary phones and I remember her standing in the entryway facing the corner. Still give rotaries a spin when ever I encounter one – love the sound 🙂 Her end of the conversation proved she must have been a good listener as all she ever said was “ayuh…” It’s a Maine thing 🙂 Her hair was usually blue – the lady up the road had a “beauty” shop…

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Old sewing machines are fantastic…as are grandmother’s that sew! My mom had a treadle sewing machine that was her grandmother’s when I was a kid and I was always dying to try it! The best I did was cause my mom a serious injury when I was about three by playing with the treadle when she was adjusting her fabric.

      I love that rotary phone sound. That’s exactly what my cell phone is missing! 😛



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