vlog #1 – Meet Jennifer

6 thoughts on “vlog #1 – Meet Jennifer

  1. Just Jenn

    Not a waste of 1:20 seconds at all! It was so fun to see “you”! I’ll be sure bug you with any crafty questions that come up too, oh don’t you worry. ❤

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Heh, well, it took me about 4 times that long to get comfy talking to my webcam. I love seeing my favorite crafters, so I thought I should give it a spin, too. Next time, I might even fix my hair…

  2. pren

    ha! that might be the very first time i have ever heard your voice. its lovely! very soothing. i know that sounds weird to say but whatever. loved the video. im gonna ask you twice as many questions now hahaha

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Ask all the questions you want, girlie!

      Glad you like my voice. I sound like Minnie Mouse in my head, so it’s kind of cool to hear myself outside of my own ears!

      1. shannon (aka hermione_jean)

        I totally understand about hearing your own voice. I hear mine each time I check my voicemail & I so don’t sound like that in my head. I sound like I’m 12.

        I’m trying to think of any questions but i’m coming up blank.


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