Recipe Review: Chocolate Balls

Truffles:  Chocolate Balls

I belong to a fun group of friends over on Live Journal called My Flist Cooks. We post recipes to share with each other. While there aren’t loads of recipes posted on a regular basis, what is posted is usually really tasty!

One of my favorite things about My Flist Cooks is the opportunity to try recipes from friends around the world.  Many of the recipes are family favorites and come highly recommended.  I love knowing that people I know and like enjoyed a recipe enough to post it on MFC.

As a treat for my family, I tried ‘s hardhatcat’s Chocolate Balls from her Truffles post.

Chocolate Balls
by hardhatcat

  • 250g packet plain biscuits, crushed (from Cat:  I crush mine in the blender, but a plastic bag and rolling pin will do the same thing)
  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 400g tin of condensed milk
  • extra coconut

Add dry ingredients to bowl and blend well.  Add condensed milk and mix well.  roll into balls and roll in extra coconut.  Store in airtight container.

Jen’s notes:

  • I Americanized my batch a bit by using most of a 12 oz box of Vanilla Wafers in place of the plain biscuits.   I did weigh them out so that I had 250g and I’d estimate there were about 10 cookies left in the package when I was done.
  • The sweetened condensed milk I bought came in 396g cans.  I didn’t adjust the recipe for that, but it didn’t seem to hurt anything, on the contrary, they were really moist.
  • I crushed the cookies in my food processor and then added all the ingredients right to the processor.
  • Having killed my last cookie scoop, I used a teaspoon to scoop out the mixture and roll it in coconut. I think it was a little too sticky because they went flat and looked more like cookies than truffles. After some time in the fridge, I was able to roll them into a nice ball shape.  If I make them again, I’ll pop them in the fridge first, and then roll out the balls.

My family LOVED them. They’re super rich and very yummy!  Thanks for sharing the recipe, Cat!

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3 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Chocolate Balls

  1. Michele Foster

    This is very similar to a recipe that’s been handed down from my great Grandma. We still fight over them, they are one of my most favourite .. and always my comfort food when needed.

    The differences:

    2 cups graham wafer crumbs
    2 tbsp butter/margarine (less dry)

    I’ve been known to eat a batch right out of the bowl, after it’s chilled a bit. We roll them in nuts, walnuts usually, but pecans will work too, very finely chopped. My Nana used to also roll them in icing sugar, but I never cared for them. Works well with the low fat condensed milk too.. Eagle Brand is the best (or is that a Canadian brand??)

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Oh, that sounds yummy, too! We have Eagle Brand milk in the U.S., too, but I don’t know about other countries. It’s definitely the best choice for sweetened condensed milk. 🙂



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