Guest Designer Spotlight: Schenley Pilgram

designed by Schenely Pilgram

This week’s Guest Designer is one I’ve only just become acquainted with.  Schenley just started designing recently, but jumped in with both feet and has already made some amazing new designs!


Name and where you’re from:

Schenley Pilgram
My hometown is Philipsburg, PA.  I’m currently living in Grove City, PA.

Website/blog/online store or other place where your patterns or photos of your work can be found?


How long have you been paper piecing and/or quilting?

I started sewing when I bought a heart-shaped yo-yo maker in August ’08, intending to make a gift for my mom, who LOVES quilts (and has made a few herself).  I ended up making multiple yo-yo gifts, both with hearts and circles.  My best friend remarked that the circles reminded her of hydrangeas, which we both love.  The idea of making her a hydrangea pillow was born.  I used multiple sizes of circles, and appliqued the leaves.

I had stumbled upon months earlier because of the Legend of Zelda blocks.  I absolutely adored them (and all the HP designs, of course!).  I figured if the internet could teach me to applique and make a pillow (complete with piping), I could give the Triforce a try.  Obviously, I was hooked.

What do you use own your block designs for?

I have made a few pillows, and my second original design was for a wall hanging.  I am currently working on a Harry Potter quilt.

When did you start designing?

December 2009.

Was there a particular inspiration to draw your first pattern?

After I made the yo-yo hydrangea pillow, I wanted to make a pillow for my other best friend.  I decided to do a paper-pieced version of her Welsh Corgi, Habibi.  I couldn’t find anything even close online, so I thought I might as well try designing it myself.

Do you remember what your first design was?

Habibi the Corgi.  My first Harry Potter design was Dumbledore’s Deluminator.  I was trying to think of magical items that had not been done yet, and that was the easiest one to conceptualize and make quickly.

Do you have a favorite among your own designs?

Probably the wall hanging I did of Aslan, because that was a big undertaking (and only my second attempt at paper piecing!).  My favorite Harry Potter block so far is my most recent, Harry’s Patronus.


Aslan pattern

What do you use to design your patterns?  Paper and pencil, a specific software, etc.

I use Photoshop Elements – typically I have a photo, illustration or composite that I use as a guide to draw the lines and begin the pattern.

How has the online community changed the way you craft/quilt/design, etc.?
I have long used Photoshop for my photography and the occasional graphic design (I have items for sale on Zazzle that my sister and I designed), and I am loving being able to apply that to my new hobby.  I’ve grown up surrounded by quilts, but thought quilting would be too frustrating because I’m a perfectionist.  If it were not for this community I would never have experienced the joy and pride that comes from sewing and designing these blocks!

Anything else you’d like to add?
My best friend wants me to start designing Lord of the Rings blocks – she said it would get her to actually try paper piecing!
The photo shows my two house rabbits, Luke and Leia.

Do you have a favorite among your own designs?

Probably the wall hanging I did of Aslan, because that was a big undertaking (and only my second attempt at paper piecing!).  My favorite Harry Potter block so far is my most recent, Harry’s Patronus.

Happy Quilting!

6 thoughts on “Guest Designer Spotlight: Schenley Pilgram

  1. Cindy Pyle

    I love your Aslan block! I have been a huge CS Lewis fan since the 70’s and have read the Narnia books to my children over and over. Is there any place I could get a copy of your Aslan block pattern to buy? Have you considered doing more from the Narnia books? God Bless.


    1. Schenley

      Cindy- I would be happy to send you the pattern for Aslan! I want to tidy up the file before I share it, but I will do that soon. I’m thrilled you like it!

      I’ve been working on Harry Potter designs recently and piecing blocks from the other designers to try and get my quilt top finished. Also, I have promised my best friend that I would start working on Lord of the Rings patterns for her. However, I would LOVE to do more Narnia-themed designs (and as my best friend is also a huge Lewis fan, I’m sure she’d be fine with me working on LOTR and Narnia simultaneously!). Let me know if you have any specific ideas/requests for blocks – now you have me wanting to do a Chronicles quilt (a row per book) just like my Potter quilt.

  2. kristen

    Your work is amazing. I can’t figure how to do anything on photoshop! I was wondering if you would be willing to make patterns by request? I would be willing to pay you. I have been trying to do Buffy,Angel,Zena and Stargate. I have pics of the logos I like


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