Fabric Friday

Fabric Friday June 4, 2010

I’ve had the idea of Fabric Friday rattling around in my head for a while.  I love themed days.  Talk To me Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, etc.  I had nothing for Friday, but thanks to alliteration and an abundance of fabric, Fabric Friday was born.

I invite you all to join in and post fabric photos!  New fabric, old fabric, ugly fabric, weird fabric, any fabric you like!  Feel free to post links in the comments of where to find your fabric photos and I’ll come check out your fabric, too!

My first photo includes fat quarters that I purchased at The Nine Patch in Marble Falls on a little road trip my bee friends and I took there this week.  They’re fairly random choices and aren’t for any purpose (yet!) other than to please my crafty heart!




6 thoughts on “Fabric Friday

  1. daisyfred

    I’m loving the idea of fabric friday! Here’s a few of my favourites lately.. all batiks are yummy to me, but I really love these.. they are making appearances in my potter blocks.

  2. Queenmlv

    I love the idea, also. I don’t have any exciting ones this week, but will look around for next week. If I weren’t so close to finishing my HP quilt, I would buy the whole line of Moda batiks for the backgrounds. I have just fallen in love with them. I might be able to slip one or two in at this point.


  3. Jennifer

    I love the idea of Fabric Friday! I don’t have any pictures of just my favorite fabrics, only the bags that I make with them. I’ll have to raid my fabrics tomorrow for a post! Awesome Idea!



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