Last Day!

If you’ve been following my crafty blog for the last six months or so, you might have noticed a footnote at the bottom of each post.


And hey, look at that!  The end date on the banner is July 5!  Well I’ll be…that’s today!

If you have been working on a Harry Potter Paper Piecing challenge quilt top, this is it, THE LAST DAY to get those entries in.  Please post a link to your photo on any of the challenge posts on Livejournal, email it to me or post it to the flickr group.

If you’re running a little behind, please keep in mind that I usually make the Tuesday post on hp_paperpiecing fairly early in the morning (usually 8 or 9 am Central Standard Time). As long as I have your photo before the Tuesday post goes up, your quilt will make it in for voting. If you are running really late, your best bet will be to email your photo directly to. After checking LJ and the flickr group, my email is the always the last place I look before I post on Tuesday!   Once the poll goes up, it’s up (LJ does not allow changes to polls), so please make sure you get your photos in asap!



1 thought on “Last Day!

  1. Victoria

    Okay, I’m ready for the fairy & beautiful dragon paperpiecing project! Can’t wait to see the results of this one!


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