Way Back Craft: The Spud Who Lived and The-Tater-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Continuing with the Way Back Craft theme is a little project my sister and I did together. The original post is here on craftster.

Harry Spud and Lord Tater journeyed with us in 2008 when we drove to New Orleans, LA together for Phoenix Rising, a Harry Potter Conference. These starchy boys were also the mascots in our hotel room during our stay. They now live with my sister.

My sister collects Mr. Potato Heads and we’re both huge Harry Potter fans. There have been Spiderman potatos, Darth Taters and all kinds of other popular characters. Why, we wondered, aren’t there Harry Potter ones?

We decided to make our own.

Some spray paint (Volde), some fabric paint, lots of hot melt glue, felt, a couple of pipe cleaners, and a couple of old Mr. Potato Heads and their bits… and you have.

They were really easy and fun to make. I hope you all enjoy them!

Happy Crafting!



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