TTMT#89 – Spoiler-Free Holiday



3 thoughts on “TTMT#89 – Spoiler-Free Holiday

  1. karen

    I am so enjoying your blog. You’re adorable! No, I’m not a stalker or a weirdo. I’m a 56 year old gal who loves to quilt. I don’t even know how I found your blog, but it’s on my favorites now. For this latest one, I could care less about the Christmas cards, but I love the quilt in the background. And BUTTONS is adorable. Don’t you just love cats????? My Grey-baby (real name is Willow, short for pussywillow) has a special pillow by my sewing machine.

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you so much! I love knowing that other quilters are enjoying what I post. I get a little crazy excited about the things I make and I always appreciate being able to share them with others that love to quilt, too.

      That quilt behind me…woo, that was my first ever hand quilting project. It took almost five years to finish. Black thread on black fabric…what was I thinking?! The batiks were all gifts from my bee, so it’s a very special quilt to me, but I will never quilt black on black again!

      Button will appreciate your compliment. She’s a spoiled girl, but she’s worth it. 🙂 Willow is a lovely name for a kitty. Our baby, Marie, has a flower pillow in the window of my sewing room. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Peter

    Carol I have been using my stash of Rayon embroidery theard for the fancy stitching it does very well I am curious if you use only cotton and why I ordered six theards from Valdani and really like them plan to order some of their lights in a little while


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