Fabric Friday – Harry, Harry Everywhere!

Jan 21 Fabric Friday

This week, the Harry Potter fabric fairy visited me and I acquired approximately 20 yards of out of print Harry Potter fabric*. I’m still amazed by this great good fortune and fully plan to share the love. If you’re participating in the Project of Doom, you will see HP fabric in the monthly prize drawing!

*fabric is not for sale

The Day The HP Fabric Fairy visited me!

All the fabric together, in the trunk of my car on the way to a new home…mine!



10 thoughts on “Fabric Friday – Harry, Harry Everywhere!

  1. Linda Fishman

    It’s a beautiful sight!!! I was just rumaging through my scraps to get working on the first two blocks of POD and I came across a piece of HP fabric!! Actually it is a piece of fabric like the first bolt that is in your pic of the group of bolts :0) It’s a really small piece but I am hoping to find a spot for it in my quilt!!!

  2. Rita

    Do you make fitted cloth diapers, by any chance? I would love to have a couple in those prints! HP stuff is getting hard to find since the last book came out.

  3. Tess

    wow that looks fantastic! I’ve been searching for HP fabric EVERYWHERE for a quilt I’m making, I live in Australia and all the local fabric shops don’t stock any. How and where did you guys get all those lovely fabrics, please help, I’m desperate!

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Hi Tess,

      Unfortunately, licensed Harry Potter fabric hasn’t been sold since 2003. I was extremely fortunate that a friend of mine came across this and knew I’d be interested. Generally, you can only find HP fabric from places like ebay and etsy. Like I said, I really did luck out! You can find lots of HP-like fabrics out there, owls, castles, dragons etc. There’s been a lot more of it coming out in the last year or two.

      Not being able to find Harry Potter fabric is actually what got me started designing HP patterns! You can see all of my HP-themed patterns and patterns by many other talented designers (all free) on my other website, Fandom In Stitches.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Tess

    They look great!! Thanks for your help, I think i’ll I have ago at making my own HP squares, just as you have. Thanks again you’ve given me so many fresh ideas, and I think it will be much more creative to have a go at these wonderful designs than simply do a normal quilt pattern in HP fabrics!


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