TTMT #103 – 359 Days

It literally took me ALL DAY to upload this video. Between a faulty internet connection and a really long video, I thought I would miss my first Tuesday since starting TTMT in 2009! Fortunately, I did *not* miss posting on Tuesday and I hope the video is worth the wait.

Herein lies massive post-quilt-retreat Show & Tell! There will be a photo post in the near future. I’m just waiting for a wee bit of sunshine so I can get fabulous out-of-doors photos!

New Project of Doom block tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “TTMT #103 – 359 Days

  1. Carmen D'Amico

    Your TTMT was fascinating. My gosh, you were prolific during your quilt retreat! I bet you didn’t sleep much. Thank you for sharing everything about it.

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Oh no, there wasn’t much sleep at all! I slept when I got home. Sewing with friends was definitely the priority while there!


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