Fabric Friday – Stars and Swirls

Fabric Friday April 15, 2011

I have a little bit of a reputation for loving tone on tone fabrics, specifically tone on tones with stars, swirls, stripes or dots. How can that be? Because I give a little squee of excitement when I see a perfect swirl for my next magical quilt project? Could it be because dots make me think of everything from dragon hide to bubbles? Maybe, maybe. Whatever it is, I know what fabric makes me happy!

This week’s Fabric Friday offering were gifts from friend and co-worker Sue. She was the hostess of Honey Bee’s bus trip to visit all 12 shops on the Bluebonnet Patchwork Trail Shop Hop. Since the rest of us were working, she very generously brought us all fabric back from her trip. She gave me the gift of magic inspiring fabric, which is my favorite kind of all! There is an extremely good chance that one or all of these fabrics will end up in my Project of Doom quilt!



2 thoughts on “Fabric Friday – Stars and Swirls

  1. Terri Johnson

    I love the tone on tones, too. The newer fabrics seem to make quilts that are just too busy for my taste. Wasn’t there an idea that there should be a place for your eye to rest? I’ve been guilty of breaking that “rule”, too. Just can’t seem to make a quilt that is set solid without abusing that rule. Love your new fabrics.


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