Find that fabric! – ETA FOUND!

Bonnie Blue Black Background fabric

I’ve been promising a new Sewhooked Shop pattern for several weeks now.

What’s holding me up?

This little bit of fabric!

I need about 1/6 of a yard, let’s say 1/4 yard to cover all the bases. All the online shops I’ve found that still have this lovely, out-of-print, Bonnie Blue fabric, sell 1/2 yard cuts per minimum. I’m totally okay with that and would happily buy a 1/2 yard cut.

Then I hit a stumbling block. Priority Shipping is the only option on every site I’ve visited that still has the fabric I need. That drives the total price to well more than what a 1-yard cut would be in a quilt shop. I know a little about shipping prices and online quilt store shopping, being that my day job involves maintaining a quilt store website, and I much prefer actual shipping cost, which is what Honey Bee charges.

SO, why am I rambling on about this? Well, this is where you come in! If you, by some small miracle, have 1/4 yard of this lovely Bonnie Blue fabric in your stash that you would be willing to swap, I will give you one of the following in exchange – either an equivalent amount of rare Harry Potter fabric, a free copy one of my for sale patterns (hardcopy or PDF) version, OR 5 free 1.5″ pin back buttons with the image of your choice.

First come, first serve! I’ll post an update here as soon as I have what I need.

And…thanks in advance!

ETA: Thank you to my fabulous friend Amber who has solved the fabric shortage! YAY, I can finish my new design in just a couple of days!



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