Arkansas Snowflake

arkansas snowflake
Arkansas Snowflake – free 6″ paper pieced pattern 

Once upon a time, I made a quilt for my very best friend. It was scrap-tastic and fun to work on. It’s a classic block, simple to piece and fun to make variations of.

Today is Friday, and what better day to share some creative options for the weekend? The first quilt is the original, Facets of Friendship, created in 2008. You can read all about it here.

Jewells' birthday quilt - Facets of Friendship

Facets Of Friendship, 2008

The following quilt layouts were all created using EQ7. Download the my free Arkansas Snowflake pattern here.

Isn’t it amazing what a little color variation will do!?

Arkansas Snowflake EQ7 Layout

purples and neutrals

Arkansas Snowflake EQ7 Layout

greens and yellows in Fossil Fern

Arkansas Snowflake EQ7 Layout

black, white and red
Arkansas Snowflake EQ7 Layout

browns blues and purples in Stonehenge

Arkansas Snowflake EQ7 Layout - Hogwarts Colors

And, of course, I had to do one in Hogwarts Colors!

Free Arkansas 6″ Snowflake Pattern

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5 thoughts on “Arkansas Snowflake

  1. Mary

    Thank you very much for your free pattern. One of the popular shops just put on a tutorial for a mug mat and your name came up with a free paper piecing pattern for the Arkansas Snowflake. I am from Canada and will enjoy making this in some Canadian fabric. A little late for our Canada Day but I am thinking of you and our other American friends on this special day, your 4th of July. thanks sew much, Mary

  2. Terri

    WOW – I followed a link from a facebook source. This pattern is so simple, but the color variations are incredible. It doesn’t even look like the same pattern. Thanks for the visual

  3. Linda Seymour

    I want to make this BUT don’t know what size to cut the pieces out ? Is there somewhere I can find this info.? Thank-you Linda Seymour


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