Project Red Cross

Mother/Daughter Talk To Me Tuesday-ers Terry and Satia are crafting for good with Project Red Cross!

They are regular blood donors to the Red Cross and in an effort to boost their support during the crazy weather and natural disasters that have been plaguing the world lately, they are selling Blood Drops.

You heard that right, vampire lovers, Blood Drops!

No, seriously, the Blood Drops represent donating blood…not vampires. Sorry, once a fangirl, always a fangirl!

Terry explains Project Red Cross


There are two items available for sale:

A keychain, handcrafted by Satia out of polymer clay, beads and hemp, a variety of hemp colors available. $5 donation

A squeezie, knitted by Terry and ready for you to squeeze during your next blood donation visit or to work out a little post-disaster related stress. $5 donation.

Terri and Satia are collecting money for one big donation to The Red Cross. Every donor will have his or her name added to a card to be included with the donation.

Shipping for one item is $1.71 in the U.S. Shipping outside the U.S. will vary based on location.  Check or money order only, all proceeds outside of shipping will go directly to The Red Cross.

Please email Terry or Satia for payment details, their address, etc.

Did I mention I’m getting one of each? Hand-crafted blood for a $10 donation to The Red Cross? Heck yeah!



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