Piecing of Doom

Project of Doom - All the blocks embroidered


Guess what I finished the embroidery on last night and will be PIECING today?! That’s right, my Project of Doom blocks will be a quilt top by the end of the day! Many of the participants in my Harry Potter Block of the Week opted to add different elements to their quilt after it was in bookcase format. I am undecided on that. Since I designed it, it’s already about as personalized as it’s going to get for me. There is one thing I might try…but first thing’s first, rows of books!



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5 thoughts on “Piecing of Doom

  1. Becky Galambos

    Pretty! My ill co-worker gets to come back to work Monday, so I may have some time to sew and get some of mine done before I take a break for Christmas present making. I’ve been working double shifts and haven’t gotten near my machine more than once in the past month!


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