A Little Focus

Box Stitch

My 8th grader is flying home from Seattle right now, on a plane full of middle school honors band kids, directors and (I’m sure) exhausted chaperones after a very successful concert at the Western International Band Clinic (scroll down to see Deerpark Middle School Honors Band).

Knowing he’s headed home after not seeing him for almost five days is making it a wee bit hard for me to focus on anything for more than a few minutes.

That’s a good time for crochet. I can let my hands work the yarn while my mind jumps around in excitement at seeing my kiddo!

Today, I’m working on the Box Stitch Carriage Robe pattern, which is really just fancy talk for a baby blanket! This pattern is an old favorite for children’s blanket charities, originally shared by a Project Linus volunteer.

Mine blanket will go to The Linus Connection, as usual!

While Project Linus and The Linus Connection are not the same organization, we do have the same mission, to provide blankets to children in crisis and all of our patterns can be used interchangeably.

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