Friday, Fabulous Friday!

Pappaw Bear 1/12

12 for 2012 – 1/12 (status: in progress)

I have had an incredible first week of the year full of lots of exciting news, not the least of which has been the commencement of 12 for 2012 and the opening of the STITCHED workshops! I’ve also got some fantastically exciting news which I unfortunately can’t share just yet.

Not to worry though, I love to tease, and I will be doing just that in the coming weeks!

 In addition to STITCHED opening for business and super-secret-awesomesauce-stuff, work proceeds apace for my first personal project for 2012, which, as it has it, is also my first project for 12 for 2012!

My official first “day off” of the year was yesterday, and I spent it with four of my favorite people in the world, my bee group.

I stitched the day away while there was much fabric sorting, chatting and crocheting going on around me. It was a lovely, therapeutic day, full of food, friends, fun, quilts and fabric!

I’d estimate that I have about 1/2 of the quilting that I want to do on Papa Bear (aka, my bear paw quilt) has been completed. Woo-hoo!

Check out the 12 for 2012 flickr and Facebook Group!

christmas cards 2011

The last of our Christmas decorations came down this week, with the very, very last being all the wonderful holiday cards we received from all over the world. There were some real gems this year, including several handmade cards, lots of photo cards and several newsletters that reflected on the last year. We always take these down last because they are such an awesome reminder of how many wonderful people we have in our lives.

I hope you have a very happy Friday!

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