Papa Bear’s Quilt – 1 of 12

12 for 2012 - 1/12, Papa Bear

Guess who’s going to star in Talk To Me Tuesday next week?

If you guessed Papa Bear, you guessed right!

This is my first UFO finish for 2012.

This quilt was started in 2008 as a pass around with my bee. You can read more about this project in my 12 for 2012 UFO post.

This quilt has always been intended for my hubby and will be his birthday gift in February.

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Since I ended up working most of Thursday (it was an accident, I swear!), I took yesterday off. I spent the morning having coffee with bee friend Linda while hand stitching the binding to the quilt. I took pre-washing pics yesterday, and then washed it last night. It scrunched up beautifully, especially in the cross-hatching. I love the transformation from bits and pieces I’ve sewn together to a yummy, scrunchy quilt ready to be cuddled and loved after the first wash. I’ll get post-washing pics when there’s more natural light outside.

12 for 2012 - 1/12, Papa Bear

The entire quilt is straight lines because Big E asked for a geometric design. I eyeballed it all, using the shapes of the blocks. The lines aren’t perfect, but I didn’t have any puckering and I love the way the cross-hatching turned out.

12 for 2012 - 1/12, Papa Bear

I put muslin on the back, something I’m becoming more and more fond of doing. I love how distinctly you can see the quilting and the way it looks after washing. This is a pre-wash picture.

We have a Linus Connection sew day today from 9 – 4 at a local non-profit place called The Stitching Studio. It is exactly what it sounds like, a place to stitch. It believe it seats about 15 and has design walls all around, sturdy tables and comfy chairs. There’s a kitchen and a bathroom, perfect for sewing all day!

All Dolled Up

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Have a very happy Saturday!



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2 thoughts on “Papa Bear’s Quilt – 1 of 12

  1. Aalia

    This looks amazing, Jen. It must feel amazing, too, to have a project from 2008 finished! What a great start to the year. 🙂


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