Quilting Types and Styles on The Learning Center

Talk to Me Tuesday is on the way, but while you wait, I wanted to let you know about a fun opportunity I recently had. Pat Sloan, host of The Learning Center (among many other awesome things!), invited me to write up a little piece explaining what paper pieced quilts are.

Well, how exciting!

Keeping it short was a challenge, but I managed. As you all know, I have loads to say on the subject!

The Learning Center is part of Quilting Gallery, one of my favorite quilt web sites, and is a great resource for quilters to learn all there is to know about quilts. There are new posts regularly and lots of great information!

Check out today’s post and then come back here and let me know what you think. My favorite comment will win a free PDF pattern of their choice! Winner announced Friday, March 9!

Just in case you missed it…Quilting Types and Styles!


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20 thoughts on “Quilting Types and Styles on The Learning Center

  1. Pam

    Good job! Your description was clear and concise. The choice of pictures for illustrations was excellant, with both “simple” blocks and “complex” blocks to show the range of possibilities of the technique. You were encouraging to those who would like to try out the technique, but who may be having concerns about their ability and also relayed the addictive nature of paper piecing……OH MY GOSH…..Is my teacher showing through????? What I really mean is IT ROCKED!!!!!

      1. Pam

        You would think if my teacher was really showing through I would have spelled excellent correctly!

  2. Mishka

    Don’t worry Jennifer, we’ll have you back in July for a more detailed post on PP. 🙂

    I’ve updated the post to invite readers to your give-away.


  3. Carol

    Hi Jennifer, Something you may not know about me is that I was in a near fatal rollover in November, 2009. My recovery took a big leap when I stumbled onto your website. I was looking for pillowcase directions after reading about the One Million Pillowcase challenge. It wasn’t long before I became a dedicated FAN of TTMT. I have been so inspired by your patterns, your enthusiasm for trying new things, and the designing and crafting you do for good. You inspired me to take a beginning quilting class to renew very rusty skills. I tried paper-piecing when you drafted the Stars for Linus pattern and asked quilters to make and send blocks. It was a great feeling to complete a block – finishing something has been huge for me – and send it to you to become part of a larger project. When I read your article on the Quilting Gallery today and saw the beautiful examples, I was reminded about how you have played a major role in my recovery. I rediscovered my love for quilting, learned how to paper-piece, actually completed a block, made at least a dozen pillowcases (I also recommend your tutorial to folks) work very part time in a quilt shop, and hope to become skilled enough at paper piecing to teach a future class using your Tree Trimming pattern. All this took place because of you and your willingness to share with others! Thank you!!! Carol P.S. Your directions are concise and easy to follow. And, your examples are beautiful!

    1. ofenjen Post author


      Wow, that might be one of the most inspiring comments I’ve ever received! You brought tears to my eyes with your story. I had no idea what a long journey you’ve had and it means so much to me to have been a small part of it.



  4. susana

    Creo que su presentación fue adorable.Es usted amable y generosa y si alguien no la conoce fue la invitación perfecta.La sigo desde antes que se dividiera sus blog ,y creo que lo que usted hace también tiene que ver con el arte .Cuando miro algo que quiero hacer lo miro desde una mirada distinta y usted es una maestra en eso.

  5. Kathy Orlando

    Just love the idea that paper piecing is like color-by-number, now I know why I love it so much!

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Color-by-number is one of my favorite explanations of paper piecing. I use that analogy when I teach beginners and it’s just such a helpful mental picture! 🙂

  6. Sandy Farquhar

    I loved your different quilting techniques explained in easy format. I love paper piecing
    and art quilts the most! I learned paper piecing from a friend and she taught me
    from a 7 piece pattern and now I do over 100 piece paper pieced patterns! I am
    addicted to paper piecing and am very interested in art quilts. I started a group
    called, “Tangled Threads” on Thread Painting and it is great! The photos you
    picked for your different techniques were great and they were very easy to follow!

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Hi Sandy! It sounds like you have the paper piecing bug just as thoroughly as I do! It’s funny you should say you’re addicted to paper piecing…have you visited the flickr group of the same name?


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