A Favor for my Best Friend

Baby Oliver's Quilt

My best friend of close to two decades (holy cow!), had shoulder surgery last week.

Jewells was working on gifts and other obligations (including working full time!) right up to the wire, including making a quilt top for her brand new great-nephew, baby Oliver. I wanted to do something for her as a get well gift and I wracked my brain trying to think of something helpful. It ended up being kismet that she needed a quilt top finished and I needed something special for a get well gift. Long story short, I offered to finish the quilt, and after swearing to her that it would not be a burden to me (it most emphatically was not!!), Jewells sent me all her stuff for the quilt, and I finished it up this weekend.

My free-motion quilting on anything bigger than a wall hanging tends to be a meander or waves (I’m still learning!). This time, I thought meandering was the way to go.

Baby Oliver's Quilt

Basted and ready to go!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

Quilting, in progress! Look at those happy little monkeys!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

Quilting close up!

Fun fact…the border fabric on this quilt is the sashing/border fabric on my Project of Doom quilt!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

And more quilting…

Baby Oliver's Quilt

More quilting close-ups…’cause I can!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

The back!

Baby Oliver's Quilt

Quilting on the back.

Baby Oliver's Quilt

The awesome label that Jewells made (fabric markers over printed text).

See you tomorrow for Talk To Me Tuesday!


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14 thoughts on “A Favor for my Best Friend

  1. Sondra Jones

    Super cute!~ What a great friend you are to her, and she was jewel to let you finish it. I love the label she made….please leave us some instructions on how she did this. Thanks.

  2. Andrea

    How did she make the labels? What type of ink did she use? So great of you to do that for her!

  3. Pam

    Jennifer, you are a treasure. I am sure your friend really appreciated your help. Hope she is doing well after her surgery and will soon be able to sew again. The quilt is adorable.

  4. Andrea

    Hi Jennifer, this is such a cute quilt, but I was really interested in the large meandering quilting you did. My husband quilts all my quilts for me because I can’t use a foot control, and he is still practising stippling and meandering. I showed him that it could be large like you have done and he was rapt. I’m making a couple of simple I spy quilts for my niece’s two boys and Alan reckons he will do the large meandering on them. They should look great, so thank you very much for your expertise.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      How wonderful that your husband quilts your quilt for you! I learned to free-motion with teeny tiny patterns on smaller projects, so working bigger has been quite a challenge, but I have loved the flexibility. It works great on baby quilts!

  5. Jewells

    Whoever called you a treasure up there in an earlier comment is absolutely right. You are a treasure and I am the richest woman in the world because I can call you friend. *hugs*

    And for the people asking about the label, it’s actually a scrap cut off a thrift store bedsheet (with a super high thread count). I ironed freezer paper to the back, then printed in light grey ink directly onto the fabric. The original plan was to embroider it in variegated floss, but I decided I didn’t have time, so I just wrote over the grey letters with fabric markers instead.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      It’s pretty amazing that we’ve managed to stay close being so far away from each other. Thank you, Internet!

      I love how excited everyone has gotten about your label. You never know what is going to be the thing everyone talks about. 🙂

  6. Sarah Buettner

    Just arrived in the mail today!! This quilt is amazing, and I creeped your page to find this blog 🙂 Thank you so much, we love it!!


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