Cooking With Crochet


I have some insanely talented friends. They are inspiring, creative, fun, supportive and just oh-so-many other things!

Amber is one of these people.

She’s the Crochet Princess responsible for Amber’s Originals. She has supported me though many an endeavor and I’m absolutely bouncing to share her exciting news!

Amber has created the most amazing one-woman amigurumi crochet food display, possibly in the history of EVER…

Cooking With Crochet: Tasty Textile Treats features crochet food made by Amber Lowery. The show is live now through July at the Peoria Public Main Library.

Cooking with Crochet: Tasty Textile Treats
Peoria Public Main Library (lower level 1)
107 N.E. Monroe
Peoria, IL 61602-1070
Monday through Saturday:  9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Amber created 655 pieces for this show AND she made each piece herself over just a three month period!

She’s amazing, creative and insanely talented. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of her show…

Basket foods
Basket Foods
Healthy choices  Healthy Choices

Fruit basket and some cheese
Fruit Basket and Some Cheese

Mexican basket

Mexican Basket

Dagwood and friends

Dagwood and friends

Sandwich fixins
Sandwich Fixins

Ice cream

Ice Cream!

See more pictures of Cooking With Crochet!

 Be sure to visit Amber’s Originals and Like Amber’s work on Facebook!


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12 thoughts on “Cooking With Crochet

  1. craftytokyomama

    Thank you for introducing Amber and her fantastic creations. I wish I lived closer so I could see her work in person. Maybe she needs to think about starting a traveling display. I can imagine them being displayed all around the country!


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