Lily: 8 Months Later

Lily Lily After Surgery

Eight months ago, I told you about kitten named Lily. My sister and brother-in-law rescued her after she was found wounded in the country near our parents’ home.

When Lily was examined by a doctor, they realized she had been shot.

She needed emergency surgery to save her life. Unfortunately to do that, she also had to lose a leg.

And my sister and brother-in-law needed to pull together a lot of money really, really fast.

I asked the online community for help and boy, did you ever come through!

With the help of friends of Sewhooked and the Livejournal community, Love for Lily, we raised all the money we needed both for Lily’s surgery, and for her follow-up care.

We could not have done it without you!

The Thank You video made for all who helped save Lily, originally posted not long after her surgery.

This is Lily now.

She’s happy, healthy, and completely healed.

She runs up and down the stairs, loves her mom and dad and even has a new sister, Miranda!


Lily, eight months later.


Isn’t that a pretty face?


A little love from Lily’s dad!

Miranda and Lily

Lily and Miranda, having a sunbath.

Miranda and Lily


Miranda and Lily

Miranda & Lily

Miranda and Lily

There’s no place like home!

Thank you again to everyone that helped save Lily. She’s a vibrant, funny and playful cat. She’s loved and spoiled rotten, and she was given that chance by all of you!

Read more about Lily

See more photos of Lily



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14 thoughts on “Lily: 8 Months Later

      1. soma1773

        I figured as much about Miranda 🙂
        Forgot to mention earlier, “Lily and Miranda, having a sunbath” is my favorite, I absolutely love those “We didn’t do it” faces 🙂

  1. Lee Ann L.

    Awesome. My Gracie is a tripod too. We adopted her from a rescue organization. She was hit by a car and a kind hearted lady saved her life. And, she ended up in our lives. She has other minor health issues such as allergies; but, all-in-all is a very happy cat.


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