Texas Twofer Set 3!

It’s here at long last! Texas Twofer Set 3 joins my ongoing Texas series of two Texas-themed patterns for just $2. These patterns are available only through Craftsy!

In this set:

Texas Twofer: Set 3

Tiny Texas Four Patch (5″ x 5″)


 Texas Twofer: Set 3

Texas Cowboy Boot (8″ x 5″).

Both patterns are paper pieced.

Why do I use Craftsy?

For starters, it’s free to join! They do not charge independent designers to use their service, which means more money in designers’ pockets and less fees to pay! When you buy one of my patterns through Craftsy, you will receive an notice if I ever update it. That means if an error gets corrected or improved, you’ll get a free updated version of the pattern you already bought and paid for!

Why only one boot? Because you can do this!

Texas Twofer: Set 3

Get Texas Twofer Set 3!

Here are the rest of my Texas Twofer Series so far:

Tabby Face Block Lotto

Don’t forget about the Tabby Face Block Lotto! You still have time to send those blocks in for a chance to win the lot!

And remember, use coupon code TABBY in my Etsy shop to receive 10% off your total order during the month of September!


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