TTMT #182 – The Great Wall of Tabbies

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We have a winner!

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10 thoughts on “TTMT #182 – The Great Wall of Tabbies

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      I have had the most fun adding those Tabbies to the wall! They’ve been a super happy addition to my sewing space, but I’m thrilled to get to send them on to a good home!

  1. Linda (woozelmom)

    Congratulations Lynn!!! I am sure that these tabbies will be very happy in their new home. Please share a picture of the finished quilt. I’m sure it will be the “cat’s meow” :0)

  2. ruthiequilts

    Congratulations Lynn!

    Jennifer, good lucky on your new job! Don’t forget to feed your creative side though, or we’ll all suffer! LOL! I hope you are able to find balance!

  3. lynninflorida

    OMGOSH!!!!!!!! I JUST got home from a very long day…actually a very LOOOOOONG week and just checked my blogs list – tuned in to your video and can NOT Believe it!!!!! I WON!!!!!!! Tabby Dance Of Joy!!!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE…the blocks look so AWESOME and I’m SOOOOO excited! Now I have Tabby Tears! *sniff* (but they are happy!)

    Ya’ll don’t know what this means…it’s been a really long, hard week. We had just finished a HUGE quilt show here in the Jacksonville area as vendors…my energy has been sapped. It’s been a real chore this time getting our quilt shop back in order after the show – and THEN….my 93yr old Mom landed in the hospital one week ago tomorrow. She’s still there and I’ve been spending my time between the shop and the hospital. My mom lives in an assisted living facility in town…but as far as “family” …. I am IT! And of course my absolutely wonderful hubby, Bob who is my rock. It’s been a roller coaster ride for the last week – my Mom is doing “ok”…but there’s been a few hurdles and we’re still trying to get over them. She has dementia…so it makes things a little rougher. But as long as I bring her treats (she is in LOVE with 3 Muskateers candy bars and BERRY Oreo Cookies…LOL)…it’s keeping a smile on her face…most of the time. We’re hoping things improve and she will be discharged soon.

    So again THANK YOU SO MUCH! This has really lifted my tired spirits tonight! I can’t wait to play with the Tabby’s…and of course will make something totally fun…I’ll be sure to send you a pic Jennifer…again….THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!! BIG TABBY HUGZZZZ!!!!!

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Oh, Lynn, I am so happy that the Tabbies made you SO HAPPY! I have a couple more coming in the mail and then I’ll have them off to you!

      I am sorry to hear about your mom and hope the sweet treats keep her smiling. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

      Hugs to you and enjoy your blocks when they arrive!

  4. lynninflorida

    YIPPEE YAY! Tabby Cats Arrived TODAY!!! I knew they would be AWESOME and they ARE! Thanks so much to everyone that made blocks – I can’t wait to start playing with them – I’ll be sure to keep ya’ll posted! Thanks again!!!!!


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