Mutt-stache by woozelmom!


This very wonderful quilt was created by my friend Linda, aka woozelmom, for her son Matt using Mustachio! and her own applique design of their adorable dog, Milo! Just look at the detail on Milo, especially the monocle, isn’t it fabulous?!

The gorgeous quilting is by Shannon Shaw of Rock Creek Quilts.


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Topsy-Turvy Trees!

Featured Pattern: 

Topsy-Turvy Trees, a paper pieced quilt pattern… $9 on Craftsy.


3 thoughts on “Mutt-stache by woozelmom!

  1. Dawn

    That is incredible , great job Hun , We had a pedigree dachshund she was a marvelous dog, same colors as this one …We loved her to bits….♥

  2. Linda (woozelmom)

    Thank you so much :0) Milo is a dapple dachshund and he is the biggest ham you will ever see. He is the light of my son’s life. It was so much fun to make him a “proper gentleman” in this quilt :0)


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