Hello, I love you!

Happy All Things Love Day!

I hope you have have a day full of love, laughter, friendship, crafts & quilts!

Lots of love, my friends!



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pink and white fleur

Featured Pattern: 6″ fleur-de-lis to paper piece, just $2 on Craftsy!

6 thoughts on “Hello, I love you!

  1. Stephanie Tarver

    Thanks for letting me know..I haven’t bought anything from her..I just look at your site Sewhooked and have seen a lot in Fandominstitches. I think it is bad to steal from others that have worked so hard to design work.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Fandom in Stitches is my site, too, so I was incensed when I learned patterns were taken from not only me, but from my friends. So happy to see the crafty community mobilize and put a stop to it!


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