TTMT #200 – Soapbox

In which I deviate from my plan of EPIC VIDEO AWESOME to talk about the happenings of the last couple of days.

There were teenagers DDRing in the room next to my usual filming location, so I’m in the corner of my bedroom for this one, just in case you’re curious!

I would like to encourage you to visit the following blogs, which were affected by the pattern theft. These pages include some of the most talented indie designers around!

Do you know of other affected sites? Let us know, we’d love to share their work!

Featured Pattern: In A Castle, $6 on  Craftsy!

17 thoughts on “TTMT #200 – Soapbox

  1. Lori Smanski

    Congrats on #200
    Oh my goodness, I have not been on social media for days. Wow. I really respect what all of you do for all of us out here.. I am so shocked by what happened. Also I thank you for all the free patterns and tips and advise. You reallly help a newbie like myself.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Thank you! It was really quite a dramatic weekend, but all’s well that ends well and I’m happy to move on and keep bringing positive and happy crafty goodness to life. 🙂

  2. Stephanie Tarver

    I am so happy these thefts are shut down. I admire all of you great designers and no one should sale your work but you your self. Thank you again for all the free patterns!

  3. ruthiequilts

    I am so happy for you and the other designers affected by this theft! Thanks goodness for the free patterns that you guys share with us!!! You are a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!!! XOXO

  4. Donna Hawley

    I appreciate so much what you and the other indie designers do for us your fans. Being able to access free patterns helps so many of us. I’m pleased that what little I could contribute helped to shut these thieves down. I was just sickened when I read what was happening, it’s a real violation. I guess it’s up to all of us to keep vigilant and speak up for what we believe in.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      When I started paper piecing, I only used free patterns because I was still learning. That’s part of what makes it so important to me to share. Free patterns plus scrap fabric is such an incentive to sew! Thank you for doing what you could, every voice together is what made this happen!

  5. Pam

    Congratulations on your 200th talk! Hay, YOU are the one that ROCKS! I am happy with the outcome; the site being investigated and removed. You and the rest of the designers who do share free patterns are precious folks to us!!! It is difficult in this day to find “free” anything but you artists willing share your patterns AND Know how with the free tutes and so on. Thank you for being such a “soldier”! Go on and shed those tears!!! YOU ARE
    A W E S O M E ! ! !

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      200 is crazy, huh? It’s a good think I like to talk! 😉 And thank you, I do get emotional and this whole thing was unbelievable. Having you all step up and help take that site down? Even more amazing!

  6. artisania

    Jen!! May I just say that it is such a huge pleasure to know you, and I’m so so thankful for your vigilance and thorough attention over this issue! Your sweet note of thanks to my hubby literally made him blush 🙂 Keep up the great work, it’s been so fun watching Sew Hooked and Fandom grow over the years, and seeing your work published and given the recognition it deserves. Big hugs from us to you!

  7. Cheryl

    I just want to say a HUGE Thank you for all that you do, most especially all the wonderful patterns that you have made and posted for us to enjoy. I’m making the wonderful Project of Doom quilt, and posting pictures of each block on my blog. I am also including links back to Fandom in Stitches with each post about my blocks. I feel that it is VERY important to give proper credit for these great patterns. Hopefully this will never happen again, but, if it does, I’ll be right there, once again, complaining to the offending site, and helping to rally quilters everywhere against theft. I would have blogged about it, but, I was out of state, and, by the time I could blog about it, it was gone, thank goodness. Once again, THANK YOU for everything you do!

  8. elsabean

    Love your soapbox and I’m subscribing to your blog.
    I’ve had this happen to me in the jewelry making world ~ some of my designs made by another person saying that they were their own designs. I wouldn’t have cared if they would have just given me credit. And I knew this person, I thought we were friends! Really made me sad that someone would do that.
    Good for you and all the people that helped get this website down and stop their stealing.

  9. Mariarose

    Theft is theft. Shame shame shame!!!!!!
    You, and all the people who participate in Fandom In Stitches, have made me a better quilter, and a happy quilter.


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