TTMT #201 – The Craft Came Back

And now…the winners of the magazine drawing (chosen via I replied to your original comments if you were a winner. Please be sure to share your mailing address via this email address in order to claim your prize!

  1. Comment #13 – Carol Moler
  2. Comment #15 – Sandy A in St. Louis
  3. Comment #5 – Pam
  4. Comment #23 – ruthiequilts
  5. Comment #2 – Lauren aka Giddy99

Thanks for playing along! I have more fun giveaways coming up soon, so be sure to check back!

Don’t miss the Snowy Show & Tell contest going on over at Quilting Gallery! Yours truly is a guest judge this week and I’m very much looking forward to seeing all the fabulous quilts!


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4 thoughts on “TTMT #201 – The Craft Came Back

  1. Robin B

    Thanks for another great ttmt. I’m excited to hear about the spoonflower review. I have some old handwritten recipes from my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother that I want to send to spoonflower to make fabric out of then turn them into dishtowels (pinterest idea). I just was not sure of the fabric quality. 🙂

  2. Roubaix

    You are my hero & wise beyond your years. I believe it took courage to chose family, over outside career at this time, esp. with so much pressure to do “otherwise”. I only wish I was younger in order to emulate instead of regret.
    Perhaps of some interest:
    Mark Lipinski’s FB Fan page ( has at least three crafty postings each week that I “must” bookmark (I know there is Pinterest but I haven’t jumped in yet, already spending way too much time online).
    Sew Can She: Everyday they have have a new free sewing tutorial usually simple, and from a variety of sources (which makes for more online browsing time)
    Yahoo group: Sewitsforsale individuals post all things sewing related for sale by individuals: fabric, patterns, notions, machines, (no fee, also probably no protection but I have not read complaints)
    My other favorite Jennifer is Jennifer Heynen (AKA Jennifer Jangles ceramic artist & fabric designer for “In The Beginning” I think you to should do something together.
    Thank You for All You Do & HBD to Ilaina (apologize if I misspelled)


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