TTMT #204 – Pre-Treat Enthusiasm

My Sherwood Forest Faire photos!


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3 thoughts on “TTMT #204 – Pre-Treat Enthusiasm

  1. Pam

    Hi, Jennifer..I love the tension hoop for many of the same reasons you provided. I also started with the hoop that has the thumbscrew but a designer who spoke at my quilt guild meeting sang the praises of the tension hoop. So, I tried it and loved it. I like small hoops so I can reach the middle of them to embroidery and to control my stitches. I tend to embroider with very small stitches (takes forever! but I do like the look) so I often need to get my fingers right in there next to where I am sewing. I also like the easy movability and the fact that I don’t have to fuss with it when I am finished sewing for a while. I am currently doing a huge project (Calendula Patterdrip’s Cottage) and I work on it sporadically, so hoop burn would be a tragedy! Have a great weekend.

  2. Lori Smanski

    Have fun on retreat. Sounds fantastic.
    Honestly when I do count cross stitch I dont use a hoop. But this little hoop with the squeeze inside looks nice.


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