TTMT #235 – Poisoned, I say!

In this video:

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Halloween Bats

During the month-long Crafts of Halloweens Past, I shared an invitation to make projects from any of my Halloween themed patterns for a chance to win a prize!

Thanks to abbiedans, TweLoQ & Aalia for the FUN pictures!

The prize goes to TweLoQ! Thanks for your enthusiastic participation!


Trick-or-Treat Sue by abbiedans


Trick-or-Treat Sue by TweLoQ


Pumpkin by TweLoQ


Jack-o-Lantern Finger Puppet by TweLoQ


Easy Felt Bats by TweLoQ

Master and Student

Potion Maker + Hogwarts Sue by Aalia

(While this one was not technically entered for the contest, I couldn’t resist sharing!)


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1 thought on “TTMT #235 – Poisoned, I say!

  1. Alida - TweLoQ

    So sad to hear about the food poisoning! but glad that you are feeling better now!!
    And thanks for sharing my link 🙂 sooo excited about that… I almost fell from the chair when you mentioned my nickname in the video 😉 and yes, you pronounced it right, I never thought too much about how it may sound… I guess you know better than me since I am not an english-native speaker 😉 🙂 🙂 it was a name that came from my two first paper piecing designs: the Tweety and the Love patterns. So “tweety love quilting” became TweLoQ 😉
    Thanks as always for everything!!! It was so fun to follow your crafts of Halloween!!!


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