A Very Special Monday

Alida (tweloquilting.blogspot.com) recreated one of my later mother-in-law's stained glass pieces as a quilt for my birthday. I'm absolutely overwhelmed with emotion. #paperpiecing #gift #tweloq

Over the weekend, I received an unexpected parcel in the mail from Alida over on Tweety Loves Quilting.

There were many wonderful things in the parcel, with one very special one tied with a ribbon. When I opened it, there was a beautiful wall hanging inside:

Stained Glass Quilt by TweLoQ

I looked at the gorgeous quilt and I knew it reminded me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it right away. It was only after I walked away and into my kitchen that I realized.

Alida recreated one of my mother-in-law, Carol’s, stained glass pieces that I had shared in this post the day after Carol passed away.

The original piece looks like this:

Stained Glass by CarolTo say I was gobsmacked is an understatement. I immediately raced up stairs to pull the photo up so I could compare. The gorgeous birthday gift is a recreation of this piece, there was no doubt about it.

Made for Linus by AlidaMade for Linus by Alida

Not only did Alida send me this beautiful piece she obviously worked long and hard on, but she also included two wonderful quilt tops for donation to my favorite blanket charity, The Linus Connection.

Color me speechless.

After the private thank you I sent, I had to share a huge public one. Thank you, Alida, for your thoughtfulness and generosity.


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