TTMT #348 – Stuff & Sundry

I will taking next week off to spend at home with my family. If I’m feeling inspired and have something to share, I’ll post a video. Otherwise, I’ll “see you” again on December 29!

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 12, Fall 2015

I’m down to my FOUR copies of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol 12 in my Etsy shop! Get one now before they’re gone!



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Coming in January 2016!

My Favorite Things 2016 Block of the Month

I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along coming 2016 on

4 thoughts on “TTMT #348 – Stuff & Sundry

  1. Abbie

    Merry Christmas and have a great time at Star Wars. My hubby & I are going too, but just don’t know what day yet!


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