TTMT #400 – Masquerade & More

My Favorite Things #favthingsbom now available as a set in my Craftsy shop! #bom #paperpieced #somanyoptions

60” x 72” (for 12” blocks) or 30” x 36” (for 6” blocks)

The entire set of My Favorite Things patterns, January – December, plus bonus blocks, and these four layouts in two sizes is available in one .zip file in my Craftsy Shop. Prefer Etsy? The set is available there, too.


Thanks to your feedback & requests, Paper Piecing Vintage will be returning as a Quilt Along during the first half of 2017!

Fairy Tale Femmes

Fairy Tale Femmes, a magical Sunbonnet Sue block set to paper piece, is the prize for December 2016! Want a chance to win a free copy ? Simply share your Sewhooked project photos with my Flickr group (any project designed by me). You’ll have one chance to win for each project photo you share!

Want to keep sharing? 2017 giveaways will take place in the Sewhooked Facebook Group!


7 thoughts on “TTMT #400 – Masquerade & More

  1. Guida

    Wow you two looked sensational, the amount of work you did certainly paid off. Loved the mask also. Have a great Christmas and New Year.


    It appears that the Ghost Baroque includes 4 items one of them a rose. I am not interested in the rose. I am not really interested in the bird or rose. Would you exchange them for tow of the others; I like the tree, the witch and the ghost better or would I have to buy each separately?

    Also, I want to complement you on your anatomical designs. I recently had back surgery and the spine is quite nice. Though I get your email I haven’t seen all of these designs and I do like them.

    Thank you Evelyn Mazzola

  3. Pam Arbour

    Oh Jennifer, I am so impressed with the costumes that you made. Thank you for sharing.
    I have been watching your TTMTs for the past few months and I look forward to watching a whole year of them next year. I have not mastered the paperpiecing technique so I shy away from it, but I might just try the vintage one. Your enthusiasm for paperpiecing makes me want to try again.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Kimberly Smith

    I’ve just discovered your TTMT site, and your 2017 BOM!!! This is exactly what I need to augment my goal-setting for 2017. I want to do the BOM, TTMT videos, and meet your wonderful community! (Sorry, I’m a little geeky over-excited at the moment 😉 .) I am at blogger but could start a live journal if necessary. The FAQ info at TTMT all seems do-able. Please e-mail me anything else I need to know, and I can answer any questions you have. Thanks, Merry Christmas or holiday of choice, and Happy New Year!

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      We’d love to have you! The Livejournal is optional, but it really is a great way to connect with the other community members. We have lots of discussions and the occasional event between members there.


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